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3-Dozen Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Golf Balls - X-Outs

ONLY $63.00


X-Out golf balls will perform exactly as brand new Chrome Soft golf balls, the only difference is minor cosmetic blemishes (Very slight markings or missing paint on the wording or Callaway logo).

Thanks to Chrome Soft from Callaway, you no longer have to choose between longer distance or better feel around the green. These golf balls provide you with both.

Around The Green - Softest Feel and Excellent Short-Game Control
Now this is the kind of feel you should expect from Callaway's softest urethane golf ball. You can thank the cover for that and for creating the short-game spin that lets you get really aggressive on shots around the green. You'll love how it feels off the clubface and how it helps you get up and down to save par.

Off The Tee - The Lowest Spin To Maximize Distance
When you maximize ball speed without creating high spin off the driver, that's a recipe for longer drives, and that's exactly what Callaway has done with the core design. The low spin off the tee is clutch, and with the HEX surface geometry that's all about penetrating ball flights for long distance, you can see why this is a long golf ball too.


  • Condition: Brand New - X-Outs
  • Golf Balls are boxed and sleeved in plain White packaging, normal packaging not included
  • Soft Fast core retains more energy than previous low compression models
  • Slightly stiffer mid layer made of ionomer works to retain more energy
  • Low compression design means less spin with longer clubs for less drag and more distance
  • DuraSpin cover is Callaway's softest ever, for serious spin and control around the green
  • Softer cover improves durability
  • Three piece construction


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