4-Dozen Bridgestone e6 Speed Golf Balls - Bulk

ONLY $61.00


Bridgestone used the fruits of their 2 million total fittings to make golf easier for anyone playing Bridgestone e6 SPEED Golf Balls. The design of the new Delta Dimple affords smoother airflow around the ball, not only helping minimize pop-ups but also producing incredibly straight distance. SPEED models feature remarkable initial velocity, delivering low spin off the tee without sacrificing performance around the green.


  • Condition: Brand New Bulk
  • Delta Dimple affords smoother airflow around the ball and helps resist pop-ups
  • Early testing resulted in 9 more yards compared to the leading ball and 31% straighter flight
  • SPEED models use remarkable initial velocity to produce low spin off the driver and optimize performance tee to green
  • 3-piece construction
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