About Us

Our story began on the 12th hole at a local municipal course. Just a couple of guys, taking advantage of a discounted round through a group-style coupon site, began to wonder if the same thing to could be done with golf equipment. Sure, some of those group sites will offer an equipment deal every now and then, but what if there were a site dedicated to providing limited time, limited quantity equipment offers at the lowest prices you could find?

Would people sign up?

Could we sell enough product to enough people so that we can offer the absolute best deal?

What if we didn’t collect sales tax?

What if we didn’t charge shipping?

What if we went all in?

So after weeks of planning, late nights, and a few drinks, we had a business plan and name. After a bit more planning, investing, website development, and elbow grease, we were up and running.

Now it’s your turn. Shop our products, tell your friends, and compare our prices. We’ll send you a couple special offers a week, but we keep our inventory low and deals go fast. What you see today may be gone tomorrow.

Don’t see a deal for you? Do both of the following:

First, PLEASE keep checking the site. We may have a deal you’re looking for coming up just around the corner.

Second, PLEASE contact us. We may be able to find something special just for you.

Thanks for being an All In Golfer.

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