Medicus DualHinge Driver

ONLY $124.00


The Medicus DualHinge club line was created to help golfers identify and correct their swing flaws. When a Medicus club is swung off plane or off tempo, it will break at any of the 9 primary breakpoints - pinpointing which elements of the golf swing need help.

The patented DualHinge is adjustable, allowing for incremental changes as golfers improve - challenging their muscles and preventing training plateaus. Once your swing is on path, the club will remain intact- maximizing distance, accuracy, and ball flight.

The Medicus club line stands out, among other golf aids, by being the only trainer you can hit live balls with- translating your practice seamlessly into play.


  • Condition: Brand New
  • Immediate diagnosis of swings flaws
  • Eliminates slices and hooks
  • Improves tempo and teaches swing path and plane
  • Adapts to skill level - Adjust tightness of both hinges to change difficulty for individual player skill
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